Skill-sets & Tasks

The Group Support Employment Program (GSE) at Camp Q employs Individuals at minimum wage to help maintain campground gardens, the greenhouse, & help prepare/instruct at our therapeutic horticulture sessions 2 days a week at the greenhouse.

  • Planning what and when projects are going to be done
  • Gathering and prepping all materials for each project
  • Creating the email newsletter about the program and sending it out each month
  • Shopping for or picking up donations of items that will be used for these projects
  • Making a samples
  • Checking people into the classes and collecting monies
  • Assist with the instruction of the projects and hands on assist individuals to complete it
  • Organized & store all attendance sheets, direction sheets, contacts and schedules
  • Make a cash deposits 1 time a week to the main office
  • Plan Alumni group projects
  • Plan for all 6 weeks of camp projects about 120campers each year
  • A planned activity for family day
  • This group also works on growing plants to be sold at the OWC Floral and Gift shop in Putnam.
  • Purchase seedling plants or starter plants to grow
  • Re-pot, water, weed as needed
  • Work with Floral & Gifts of OWC from time to time to assist with deliveries, pot cleaning, soil sifting etc. to benefit the growing of flowers that will be sold at the Florist.